Some examples of how your donations are helping in Clarkabad, Pakistan

Clarkabad needs a medical clinic immediately. Please remember this in your prayers, and if you want to donate money for the creation of this clinic please contact us immediately. The formal proposal is available to anyone interested.

   Hannan fractured his leg several weeks ago. His parents, who both work, struggled to raise enough money to treat his leg.  What little money they accumulated was stolen, so Hannanís father had to take a higher paying job away from his family.  His father was away when Vision For Peace gave his mother enough money to have the necessary operation. She sends her blessings and thanks.                 

   Samuel is a married mason with four daughters and a son. Last year, he injured the big toe of his right foot.  He suffered pain for six months, unable to afford the expensive medicine necessary to treat his wound.  Vision For Peace purchased the necessary medicine, and is paying for enough food to allow Samuel the bed rest he needs while his injury heals.  We also purchased brushes and toys for his children.

Samuel feels that Vision For Peace was like a guardian angel, watching over him and protecting his family during their bad days. He says prayers three times daily.

   Rasheed, who lost his leg decades ago, sells balloons by the roadside.  He has no family and is all alone.  Vision For Peace has started helping his buy food, and his life has improved.  He sends his prayers to his benefactors for helping him.


   Last month, Ashiq was diagnosed as having a kidney stone.  The kidney stone had passed into his bladder, making the process of urination excruciating. Thanks to donations to Vision For Peace, just after Christmas he was able to have an operation removing the stone. Now, he says a daily prayer for the generous contributions that were able to end his terrible pain.